Monday, January 07, 2008

Progress Update

I mentioned in my last post a little about what I did in 2007 and my goals for the coming twelve months and I talked about The No Diet Diet. I was going to start today but as I am now going to do this with Carla, we are going to start at the same time and see how we get on, hopefully providing each other with moral support and encouragement along the way. I did though get the second part of the programme in The Independent today and it is again about breaking habits and moving out of the comfort zone. I feel a bit wary of some of it, for example there is one day where you have to try to do something completely spontaneous if you are someone who lives by a rigid plan to each day. I am not totally without spontaneity but I do like routine although I have to admit that has somewhat broken down since I lost my job. But I can see the point of breaking routines in a positive way. You get stuck in a rut doing the same thing day in day out and as this program seems to suggest, it is these mundane and seemingly innocuous routines and habits, that make people fat. It isn't so much over-eating that is the problem, it is the whole mind-set and way of approaching and dealing with life that needs to be tackled. I am hoping to gain something from following The No Diet Diet and I think that tackling some of my attitudes and bad habits will help. At the moment though I am polishing off the last of the chocolate I got for Xmas so maybe its just as well I haven't started yet...!

Job hunting proceeds at the same slow pace as last year. I've applied for six or seven jobs so far. When I say applied, mostly its been submitting CV's to recruitment agencies, filling in forms and other details on Company web sites and putting my name about.

I did finally get to find out today why I didn't get the job in Watford I applied for. I was going to let it drop but I thought to myself, no, I want to know why I didn't get. I am told that it was due to a restructuring that took place and as a result they filled the vacancy internally. Apparently the feedback from the interview was positive, which is good.

I'll keep plugging away but I am under no illusion, I need to get myself sorted with a job by the end of the month.


Carla said...

I am looking forward to the challenge of the No Diet Diet, while like you feeling very apprehensive of it. It's excitement tempered with a small voice inside saying, 'Why are you doing this to yourself!' So it can only be good for me. Look forward to working through this with you!

jamie said...

and i'm sure you will get yourself a job by the end of the month.
just make it a good one,x

Carla said...

Mark, I can't seem to find a copy of No Diet Diet anywhere! I want the new revised edition, not the old one. Any ideas?

And OF COURSE you're going to get a job! That's a given! Whatever you decide to do is the right choice. And if you change your mind five minutes later, that's the new right choice. It's not being fickle, it's being self-reliant, in the tradition of Ralph Waldo Emerson!