Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 2 & 3 of the No Diet Diet

Okay, Day 2 was relatively straightforward as it required writing something for 15 minutes. I should have pushed myself more on this I think. One of the suggestions it gave was starting to write your own life story. That would have been a challenge. Instead I did a review of a novel that I've recently read - Star Wars: Death Star - and continued working on my short story. Not really very demanding as writing about Star Wars is something I do all the time and enjoy. So maybe I'd give myself a 3 for effort on that (out of ten) and a comment like 'must try harder.' Still, I guess at least I did write something for fifteen minutes and it wasn't a blog entry!

What I also did on Day 2 was set up a spreadsheet to record my weight. When I came home from the Xmas break I weighed myself and got a bit of a shock. I know I'd over indulged over Christmas and I hadn't realised just how much. Once every week since I have been weighing myself and recording that. To give myself some incentive I've decided to plan my goal weight for the year based on losing a pound a week. Doesn't sound a lot but it certainly adds up over 12 months! It doesn't sound very challenging either so if I find it becomes too easy then I'll up the target or shorten the time in which I went to achieve my goal. I also created a graph from the spreadsheet, which plots my target weight against my actual weight. I am a little off target at the moment as I started the year badly so I've got a bit of catch-up to do. I am hoping that by recording my weight each week and comparing that against where I want to be, it will incentivize me and also give me some record of the progress that I am making. I did okay this week, as I have lost 1.5lbs. Just need to keep that sort of success going!

Yesterday, the task was to not have my favourite drink all day - tea. I am sorry to say that I failed in this at the first hurdle, as I had a cup of tea with my breakfast (like I always do) without even thinking about it. Once I realised my error not another drop of tea passed my lips all day. I didn't find it that difficult, which surprised me as I thought I would really struggle knowing how much I love a cup of tea. I guess what helped was that I kept myself busy yesterday and had lots of things to think about and do.

I tried the yoga DVD yesterday and I am feeling the after-effects today as my legs and arms really ache. I'll be honest when I watched it at first I thought it would be easy but actually trying some of the positions was very difficult and I couldn't do a lot of them. I felt disheartened at first although then I thought well it proves how much work I need to do to get myself fit and flexible enough to complete the whole section. I see it as a challenge to be able to do a little bit more each time.

Today's task is to take a 15-minute walk and to think about life and what I want from it. This is something I do often as I am prone to introspection and self-analysis so I am not sure that it will feel that different. I will update tomorrow on how today has gone. Tomorrow I have to get up an hour earlier than normal, which will be a struggle I am sure!


Carla said...

I remember how I felt the first time I tried a yoga DVD. In my case it was Firm Power Yoga, which is very similar to the one you are using but with a few added poses. I hated every minute of it. I felt awkward, off balance, embarrassed at how inflexible and unfit I was and in general completely demoralised. But like you, I decided that it didn't matter how bad my first attempt was. I would keep trying. For me, the hardest pose seemed to be downward dog. I always swore and grunted when the instructor would tell me to breathe deep because that was a resting pose. Resting? Ha!

It occurs to me that I should also have lent you a yoga block and strap. We have some here that we hardly use. The strap is for stretching poses where you can't reach your toes. You wrap the strap around your feet and hang on. The block is for poses like triangle pose where you can't quite reach the floor yet. You use the block instead.

You could substitute the belt from a robe and any sturdy box or block, though.

I'm so proud of you for trying something new!

jamie said...

this yoga shit scares me,frankly.

Mark said...

You should give it a try Jamie, you never know you might like it, lol