Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Non Diet Diet Update

Sunday evening listening to Radio 2 with a glass of Magners at my side... Only thing missing is a beautiful view and someone to share it with. Ah well, there is some great music to listen too. Earlier I was listening to David Gray's Greatest Hits album, which I got for Christmas. There is not a track on here that I could fault, I love listening to them all and I think Gray himself is unforgivably underrated. He has a prodigious talent for not only writing but singing the most heart-felt and memorable songs, not least amongst my favourites are Shine, Alibi, Ain't No Love, Babylon, Birds without Wings, Disappearing World... I could go on. Although his later stuff is much more polished, I do like some of the earlier albums because they are raw and rough round the edges.

Derek 'phoned me yesterday to say that he had found the Hornby model railway set we had been discussing last weekend. I found this site, which brought back many happy memories especially when I found my first train set on there! I had many happy days as a child with my model train set and at one time there were two of them in our house as my Dad had a much larger layout, originally in our attic and later in the back bedroom. At some stage the two layouts became merged and the back bedroom became my bedroom and thus I had a model railway for company all the time. One day I would love to build my own layout from scratch. It was something that I did seriously consider a few years ago and I had bought a lot of track, buildings and rolling stock (mostly from eBay) but alas I had neither the time, money or patience to do anything useful with it. I sold my collection of rolling stock, which I regret, as I had quite a good collection. I kept all the track and a few other bits and pieces and now I am looking to add to it, with the hope one day of having that model railway layout I have always dreamed of.

I bought three books on Friday, not as extravagant as it sounds as it was buy one, get one free as they are recommendations from the Richard & Judy Book Club. I'll get round to reading them soon; currently I am reading Imperium by Robert Harris.

I've got a busy week ahead. The gas engineer is booked to come on Tuesday and finally (hopefully) make the repairs to my boiler. On Wednesday, I've got the joy of signing on again, Thursday I have an interview and Friday there is a job fair I am going too while on Saturday I am having a day out in London depending on the weather.


Carla said...

So where's the update? Shall we just do an overall assessment on Tuesday? I have a feeling I'm going to be told I failed and have to repeat the week. Uh oh!

(By the way, the image I've attached to my profile is a lovely version of Kwan Yin, the Buddhist personification of compassion and the female version of Avalokiteshvara, the Boddhisatva of compassion who delivered the Prajnaparamita Sutra you can find on my blog...)

jamie said...

oh my god!!!
you need to get a job now,seriously...
recommended by the richard and judy book club???
mark,they will rot your brain,although i wouldn't mind having a 'go' of judy... she's still hot stuff.