Friday, January 25, 2008

Blog updates and new web page

I've made a couple of small changes to this blog. You might notice that I've added a web counter on the right hand menu bar. It probably doesn't show many hits just at the moment but I am interested in how many people actually visit the blog. I am sure there are some that must drop by but don't leave a message to say hello or comment.

Also, I've updated my favourite web sites taking a couple out, which don't really sit on this blog and adding a link to my own personal web page, which I posted yesterday. It is very much a work in progress at the moment but hopefully it has something of interest. Will be looking to update this new web page about once a month.

Finally, I am also starting to put labels on each post from here on as it seems to make a good way of filtering posts on a particular topic. I noticed Derek uses lables on Gooseyworld and it seems to work well.


Carla said...

Where's the new web page? I would like to have a browse! I like your new counter, I might change mine to this type. I can't remember where I even got mine!

Carla said...

Oops, I found the link to your homepage! Cool!