Saturday, August 19, 2006

One week on

Well here I am one week on from starting this blog and I am so glad that I started! I've said a lot of things here that I wouldn't have said otherwise, not that I've revealed any startling secrets. But I have enjoyed the space to have my say and bang on about any old rubbish that is getting on my mind.

Thank you for everyone who has posted comments to my blogs and long may that continue. I like to hear what people think and have to say.

Anyhows, here's to another week and many more of blogging!


Carla said...

Hooray!! Well done you! Now go have some nice fair trade organic dark chocolate and celebrate! xx

Derek said...

Well done chum! It has been fun checking out your entries (oo-er matron!!) I may start my own bloggy soon, that is if I can get some enthusiasm going to write anything! Maybe our little break in Wales next week will inspire me. :)

jamie said...

have you seen the price of that fair trade organic chocolate???
and they call it fair trade???
not to me,who has to fork out shillings for that muck.
i'll stick with me cadburys,ta very much.
salmonella and all.