Sunday, February 11, 2007

Some of my favourite web sites

Firstly I must give a plug to a new blog from my friend, Derek, Goosey World. Its only just started but I am sure its going to be fun and with Derek's encyclopedic knowledge of films and love of DVD's plenty of obscure factoids and trivia along the way I am sure!

On my recent travels around the Internet I found this rather quirky web site, TV & Radio Bits, which has many intriguing and interesting features on TV and radio. This is a real anoraks site for people like me who should really get out more! It has everything you could want - idents, jingles, histories of obscure radio and TV, programme listings from years gone by etc, etc. It is lovingly put together and with such passion and interest in the history of these obscure and often forgotten bits of the broadcasting world.

Changing track completely another web site that I do check regularly is End of the Line. If you thought the last site was for anoraks, this is for the true anorak in me! The site is basically a database of where every locomotive that has run on British Railways is now. It is regularly updated (usually every day) with the latest movements - what's been scrapped, what's running and where, reallocations and renumberings and the rest. Pretty much everything to send anyone not into railways into a deep coma!

Keeping the transport theme, another of my favourite sites, which I discovered about 18 months ago is Milton Keynes Day Out. This site has given me many ideas for travels from Milton Keynes and is surprisingly comprehensive in its coverage of local bus and train services. Really to its credit is the detail of the information on tickets and how to get the best bargain. Something which this site does that most train operators don't (certainly not in MK anyway) is publicise the PlusBus scheme and the East Midlands Rail Rover. Really it shouldn't be down to a committed enthusiast to provide this sort of information, the local bus and rail companies should be doing this as a matter of course.

Onto my other passion, Star Wars, and here is a link to a fab film on YouTube - Triumph of the Empire. This is a spoof Imperial Information Film, using to marvellous effect, Star Wars Lego and the music of Gustav Holst. Watch it and enjoy!

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Derek said...

Thanks for the plug, chum!! :) I hope my silly ramblings live upto expectations.

I'll check out these websites you mention sometime this week..although I've already seen the Star Wars Lego one on YouTube. That deserves and Oscar!!

Hope you had a nice weekend and didn't get snowed in. The Nuneaton snow had all gone by this morning (Sunday) and it was warm and sunny.