Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In a quandary

I am not sure what to do about my job. I know I spent the best part of the end of last year and the beginning of this bleating about being unemployed and so now that I am working, I may seem incredibly ungrateful to be moaning about it. Not that I have a problem with work just that I wished it was more interesting and more challenging. I find the days drag by and I am getting bored because what I am doing is not using my brain at all and I don't feel stretched. On the plus side, there is absolutely no stress, little responsibility and I have good hours. The people I work with are okay but the office is completely without any dynamic. In some ways that is nice. I have worked in highly-politicised office environments before and so to find one that isn't like that is refreshing. However, it seems to be absent of any interaction at all and although I do try to involve myself, the fact that I am sitting at the end of a row of desks, with my back to the colleagues I am working with, is not conducive to feeling part of a team. I do feel sometimes like the outsider, particularly when I hear references to 'the temp or temps.'

Moreover, I guess the deeper feeling is one of failure. Here I am, thirty-two years old, doing data input all day. Its the sort of a job a school leaver would be doing. I am not earning much but that doesn't bother me as much as my loss of pride I guess in what I am doing. I don't feel great about going to work; I feel I should be making more of my life, that it should have more importance than it does at the moment.

I raised the subject of my current assignment with the agency because a). I have no idea how long it is for, and b). to see if there was another opportunity available that would use my skills and experience more effectively and challenge me more than what I am doing now. I got a polite rebuff on both points. Apparently 'I was told' that this assignment would be long term, which is not my recollection and could lead to a permanent post. I can't see myself doing data input for the rest of my career! The agency suggested that I contact them today to discuss further, which I did but it seems that they're 'too busy' to talk to me about any of this and that really pisses me off. I find it downright rude and discourteous for someone to ask you to call them and to then not call you back when they have promised to do so. I am not likely to push the issue any further but I am not happy about it.

So where do I go from here? Do I just sit tight and plod along, looking for other opportunities that come my way? Or do I bite the bullet and insist on something else?

I have been looking at other jobs. One I've applied for and am waiting to hear back from. Another agency contacted me about a job in MK but as with most vacancies I have heard about through agencies that has come to nought. There is another job that I am considering applying for at the moment.

Sigh. Is it so hard to find that 'right' job?


Carla said...

Sorry you aren't feeling fulfilled by your job, but you could look at it as not so much of a job but a way of earning money while you continue your search for a job.

I do work that a school leaver could do. In fact, one of my equivalent colleagues is 22 years old. It doesn't bother me that my work requires no qualifications. I don't often feel challenged by it. I could be earning more money. And yet I don't mind. I'm grateful to have a job, to be honest, and I suppose I find meaning in my life elsewhere. I work to earn money. Work is work--I mean, if they have to pay me to be there, that means it's not meant to be fun the whole time, that's my take on it. There are very few people who have work that 'fulfils' them. People are fulfilled if they want to be fulfilled, regardless of their job. (Again, my opinion).

I suppose your agency considers their job done in that they have got you paid employment. It's not their place to find you something that fulfils you. That's most likely why they don't feel the need to talk to you further, as there's not much they can do for you that they haven't already done. Know what I mean?

Carla said...

No harm meant, by the way! xx