Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Some nice things

Towards the end of last week I got a flyer through the door advertising a company which delivers organice produce. Previously I've always been a bit 'anti-organic', it seems so expensive in the shops and I've been doubtful whether it really is organic or for that matter tastes any better. However, this company Abel & Cole (http://www.abel-cole.co.uk) really impressed me. Not only is what they offer organic it is also grown locally, which has got to be better for the environment and the local economy. What really got me hooked though was the fact that they have a great web site and it was so easy to set up an order to be delivered regularly every Friday and I don't have to be in when they deliver, which is a great help. I am impressed by the friendliness and easiness of using the service and I am looking forward to my first delivery of fresh organic fruit and vegetables this Friday.

Recently I've also signed up for the NSPCC £2 a month campaign. It seems such a small amount that I don't notice its gone every month but NSPCC is one of those charities whose work I care about and feel is vitally important. Although I don't have any children of my own it breaks my heart to see or hear about children suffering and okay I am not giving a lot but it helps to make even the smallest difference, its worth it.

Often I find its the small things in life that mean the most to me. Today for instance, I had a card from my friends who married at the end of October thanking me for coming to the wedding and for the present. I thought that was a lovely gesture and I am very touched. It is these little things, the fact that somebody has made a little bit of an effort that means so very much to me personally.


jamie said...

organic food.
having had a couple of rather unpleasant cases of the shits whilst in america,and two occasions of chucking up after a meal-thanks,dennys-i've come to the conclusion that american food is no good.
honestly,i didn't have one good meal that i felt satisfied with...
maybe it was my choices,maybe it was the irregular times we were eating,often very late at night after having been boozing all day...
either way... i think i'm done with junk food.

jamie said...

i bought you a little gift from america!